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Long-touted for its outstanding workforce, South Dakota continues to provide its companies with educated, available employees. Our state's economy is driven by the traditional industries of agriculture, financial services, and manufacturing, but gaining momentum are the professional and technical services industries, knowledge-based industries such as biotech, and business processes.

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  • South Dakota ranks 12th in the nation for Per Capita Personal Income at $44,217. The national average is $41,560.*
  • 2011 Per Capita Income Growth*
    South Dakota 11.8% (largest growth in the country)
    U.S. average 4.4%
  • South Dakota ranks 10th in the nation for Per Capita Disposable Income at $41,133. The national average is $37,078.*
  • 2011 Per Capita Disposable Income Growth*
    South Dakota 11.3% (largest growth in the country)
    U.S. Average 3.2%

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2011. View March 2013 news release

  • No Personal Income Tax
  • No Corporate Income Tax


Average South Dakota Wages by Level of Education Typically Required for Entry*:
Associate Degree - $48,723
Bachelor's Degree - $60,574
Master's Degree - $55,750

*Learn more about these wage and earnings calculations here.

Occupational Wages
View a full listing of South Dakota occupations and corresponding wage estimates here.

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