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Imagine an entire city on the National Historic Register. Deadwood today is a careful, accurate restoration of a historically significant city. Deadwood's extensive Victorian architecture is unique to the area. While the gold rush of 1876 brought the likes of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, it also provided the wealth to construct a thriving commercial center in the heart of the Black Hills. Significant city infrastructure improvements have been made in a short time frame making Deadwood the largest historic restoration project in the United States.

From historic to contemporary, Deadwood's 80-plus gaming halls provide the same lively action they did over 100 years ago. By the mid-1980s, many of the city's historic buildings were dilapidated. In 1986, Deadwood citizens formed the "Deadwood U Bet" organization and advocated legalized limited stakes gaming to increase tourism and generate historic preservation funds. Gaming over the past 14 years has revitalized Deadwood's tourism industry and provided significant funds for city government activities and historic preservation.

In addition to millions of annual visitors, Deadwood continues to attract residents and business people who seek a high quality of life and a favorable business climate. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more safe or fun place than Deadwood. Well-funded law enforcement agencies, excellent fire protection and a low population base keep crime down in the area.

Deadwood is proud to be in the ideal location for business success. We have no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no personal property tax, no inheritance tax and no business inventory tax. The only permit you need to do business in Deadwood is a sales tax license.

Deadwood Economic Development has its own loan program. We make six percent interest loans to new manufacturing, retail businesses and existing operations that want to expand. In addition, there are loan programs available at the county, state and federal level, and DEDC will assist with all applications.

Find your next opportunity in Deadwood and the Deadwood Service Area.

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