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Dakota Roots provides individuals wanting to move to South Dakota with the state's largest job search database.

Through this site you may request additional information about Dakota Roots or go straight to the registration process. Both the online and staff assisted one-on-one registration process allow you to identify your qualifications, the types of jobs you are seeking, and whether you are actively looking to return today or in the future. This information will then be used to notify you when there are appropriate opportunities available. Representatives are also available to assist you in finding job openings, filling out applications, writing resumes and cover letters, and practicing interview techniques.


The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation has identified 11 targeted occupational groups projected to be both high-wage and high-demand by 2020. Choose any of the groups below to see current job openings in the occupations. View more employment projections by industry and occupation.




My Job Search Experience

Highly Recommended When Charlie Moore was laid off from his job in Grand Rapids, MN, he knew it was time to follow his roots back home to South Dakota. Using the Dakota Roots' extensive online job database, Charlie was able to find employment and move back to South Dakota in less than a month. "The Dakota Roots program is a partnership to help you find employment. It made the whole job hunting process very easy, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to move back to South Dakota." Charlie is currently working as the Marketing Manager at Bulldog Media Group in Madison.

A Perfect Fit "My Dakota Roots representative, Rocky, informed me of the job I currently hold --a perfect fit and exactly what I was looking for! The benefits of being back in South Dakota are too great to count. I love that I can now spend lots of time with family, enjoy the Black Hills, and reconnect with childhood friends."

Glad to be Home"In July I moved back to South Dakota after being gone for 35 years. It is truly one of the best moves I have made for myself and my college age daughter. The employment office was great to work with and found a variety of jobs for me to choose from. Glad to be home. "

South Dakotans Care"I am still seeking employment. I truly appreciate the time you are taking to assist me. The Staff of South Dakota have shown more concern for my re-employment than their counterparts here in Illinois. I think South Dakotans care. I sincerely thank you."