About Dakota Roots
Making Dakota Roots work for you.

Dakota Roots joins citizens, business leaders, and state government in a successful, on-going initiative to grow the South Dakota workforce.

This is not a typical job search website. Dakota Roots will match participants with career openings available from the state's leading businesses.

Participants will be notified when openings are appropriate to their skill sets. If interested, the participants can pursue the openings directly with the business or utilize staff assistance.

Who Can Participate?

Dakota Roots is for anyone interested in making a home in South Dakota and for anyone interested in helping family and friends find a rewarding career in our state.

There are three ways to use www.DakotaRoots.com:

  1. Anyone who knows of family or friends who want to make
    South Dakota their home can refer them to the program.
  2. Anyone interested in finding a fulfilling career in South Dakota can self-refer.
  3. Progressive South Dakota companies interested in Dakota Roots
    participants can post their career openings.

For additional information, please call 1-800-592-1882.

Annual Statistics

What's Happening

Active New Seekers Average per Month Entered Employment Average per Month
2006 250 * 19 *
2007 1,428 119 278 23
2008 2,079 173 581 48
2009 2,128 177 409 34
2010 2,128 177 391 33
2011 2,664 222 455 38
2012 4,905 409 529 44
2013 5,027 418 756 63

*Dakota Roots was launched on October 20, 2006.